Kanbanize + Clockify Extension

Streamline your workflow with our Chrome extension. Features include:

Play New Tasks

Simply specify the project and tag, and the extension will set up Clockify for you.

Take Breaks

Use the pause button for convenient breaks, so you won't have to re-enter information.

Stop Tasks

Stop tasks from anywhere with just a click.

Time Tracker

The time is logged in both Kanbanize cards and Clockify.

Get Started

How It Works

Here's how you can use our integration:

  1. Install the extension: Download and install the extension for Chrome or Firefox from the official store.
  2. Configure Clockify API Key: In the extension settings, enter your Clockify API Key to enable the integration. Put your API Key
  3. Play New Tasks: To play new tasks, go to your Kanbanize tab and open the task you want to track. Click on the extension icon and select the project and tag, then click on the PLAY button. Put your API Key
  4. Pause Button: Use the PAUSE button to take a break and pause your task tracking. Put your API Key
  5. Stop Button: Click the STOP button to finish tracking your task.
  6. Done: The time is logged in both Kanbanize cards and Clockify.

With these simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate Kanbanize and Clockify to enhance your workflow.

Contact Us

Contact us by mail contact@noffort.co.